Become a Member

There are many benefits of membership of the Family Lawyers Association

Ordinary Membership is open to all practising Solicitors and Barristers.  Associate Membership is open to former or retired Solicitors and Barristers, Judges and associated professionals at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

The subscriptions for 2016 for the Family Lawyers Association are now due. The membership rates are as follows:

Practitioners in years 1 and 2: No Charge
Practitioners in years 3, 4 and 5: €75
Practitioners in years 6+: €150


Step 1:
Membership Application Form
Please print out and complete fully the relevant Membership Application Form and return it to the Hon. Treasurer at the address below.


Step 2
Include a cheque payable to the FAMILY LAWYERS ASSOCIATION for the appropriate fee with your application* and send to:

James Richardson BL
Hon. Treasurer of the Family Lawyers Association
Law Library
Distillery Building
145-151 Church Street
Dublin 7

For further information please contact the Hon. Treasurer