Getting A Lawyer

Disputes in regard to marital breakdown and/or children are by their nature upsetting and unpleasant. However the advice and assistance of an experienced and competent lawyer can help to resolve matters in an expeditious and cost efficient manner. The Family Lawyers Association does not recommend particular solicitors and barristers but the Law Society of Ireland will provide details of solicitors in different areas who practice in the field of family law. If the services of a barrister are required, he or she can be retained by the solicitor who should be able to recommend a suitable person.

Prior to being retained by a client a solicitor is obliged to provide an estimate of the likely amount of costs which will be incurred. In some cases it may be possible to do this with a considerable degree of accuracy in others it will not.

Equally a barrister will provide an estimate of fees if requested. It is important that a client should weigh up the many different relevant factors in choosing a lawyer such as the likely cost; the degree of knowledge and expertise; the quality of service; the size of the firm and the geographical location. In the end it is all important that the client feel comfortable with their lawyer and have confidence in him or her.