FLA Covid-19 Response Steering Group - Update 20th April 2020

FLA Covid-19 Response Steering Group - Update 20th April 2020 

This Steering Group was established to try to co-ordinate the responses of the FLA on behalf of its membership to the crisis thrust upon us. It was established to lobby, to innovate, and to give prominence to the FLA as a highly active, visible and trusted body to the Court Service, to the Bar Council, the Law Society, the Judiciary and wider.

The committee has issued an update to all members on the beginning of the new legal term.

As part of the committee's role it will this week re-appraise the situation which confronts the entire family law community.

We expect that an announcement will be made by Government on Friday week or so about the shutdown; whether it will be continued, or whether it will be relaxed and if so, to what extent.To contribute to the debate in Government and wider, the committee intends to review the document it published some weeks ago entitled “Future Functioning of the Courts’ and to reissue it, revised and updated by the 24th April. We invite ideas from the entire membership as to how the business of the Courts could be re-established post 5 May. Given that the predominance of family law litigation is at District and Circuit Court level, suggestions for these Court’s particularly are invited.

Please let us have your suggestion (bullet points not essays!), by Thursday of this week, the 23rd April at the latest. Please do not assume that your ideas have already been thought of by anyone else; please do not assume that your ideas don’t matter. We particularly want to hear from practitioners on each and every circuit across the country. Every idea, no matter how seemingly far-fetched, will be considered and evaluated. Every contribution is welcomed and valued.

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